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Lady Fit Studio of Johnson City Tennessee

I found Fitness Compass on Facebook and found his passion amazing. I loved he wasn’t comparing any gyms but wanted to help all small and big. I meet him and was blown away by his energy. He got why I created Lady Fit Studio. He got why I was here fighting for every girl. His love for helping everyone makes my heart happy. Not all trainers have a big heart in fitness Clayton does. He helps gyms, studios, and fitness clubs of all kinds.

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Dirty Spokes Adventures of Elizabethton

We at Dirty Spokes Adventures are proud to be part of the Fitness Compass Family. I use the word family, because it does feel like a family. We've had several customers’ contact us and state just that, they would rather work with us because were part of the Fitness Compass family. We feel we are part of more than just an organization, but a movement, a movement we hope improves the lives of all involved. Clayton's knowledge and interpersonal skills guarantee success for your organization by joining and by being a part of this growing family.

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Element Nutrition: Loades Teas & Meal Replacement Shakes
Johnson City Tennessee

I have had the best experience working with Fitness Compass and the best part is to sign up as a Gym Goer is free and there are great deals to take advantage of with the fitness partners! The process is simple, user friendly and the availability of the fitness centers ranges in three states!! If you haven’t already you must go sign up at!

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Warrior Strong Fitness & Nutrition: Meal Prep Service 

Being partners with Fitness Compass LLC has been an amazing experience. Clayton has always went out of his way to include us in upcoming fitness news as well advertising us every chance he gets. The program is amazing no matter which side you are on!!

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Brandie Godsey- Personal Trainer

Fitness Compass has been great! Helping to promote our amazing gym and our trainers! Kingsport Fitness and Tanning has been blessed with their support and encouragement. Would definitely recommend! The fellas are so passionate and extremely helpful.

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Danielle Marie Fitness- Personal Trainer

In just a few short weeks Fitness Compass has helped me promote my business and I have increased my reach and likes and followers plus his marketing is amazing! I highly recommend if you need some help with fitness or Heath promotion!

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Claude Mumpower- Iron Mayhem

These guys have been great, they do an amazing job helping represent the gyms in our areas advertising and getting the word out to people looking for gyms and fitness centers. It’s so easy to sign up for memberships, personal training and day passes. If your looking to join a gym or fitness center and not sure what facility is right for you or looking for a specialty training facility then register with fitness compass, get a day pass and check out the areas gyms.

Iron Mayhem Strength & Conditioning LLC