Execution ⚔️

Execution ⚔️

Since the start of Fitness Compass LLC I have been exposed to many kinds of success: happy people with a little and angry people with a lot and visa versa. What I have found out is that success is a relative term and comes in many forms.

But! I have come to find that there is only ONE common denominator in any kind of success: EXECUTION. Proper planning along with execution will always lead you in the right direction. I say this because what I have noticed is that most of my decisions for this company haven’t always been the 100% best choice at the time but execution was needed.

Even some of the ‘best decisions’ I had early on turned out not to be the path the company would take and wouldn’t make much money at all. If those choices wouldn’t have been executed and just pushed aside the company wouldn’t be where it is today and I wouldn’t be surrounded by this amazing team that is growing fast and is stronger than ever! 💪

Make some plans, execute those plans, enjoy your accomplishments, repeat! 💯

Clayton Hardin B.S, CPT


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