Day Passes Made Easy!

Day Passes Made Easy!

Have you ever been away and tried to score a “day pass” from a gym? It can be a frustrating endeavor.

I recall being in Minneapolis in 2016. My wife had a conference, and we were staying downtown very close to the new Vikings stadium (and very close to a Chipotle, I’ll add). It was a really fun trip for both of us that involved nightly trips to the Mall of America, lots of Caribou coffee, and me visiting the hotel’s hot tub a few times a day while my wife sat in conferences.

That week in Minneapolis, I was actually 14 weeks out from the 2016 Blue Ridge Classic (my first physique show). It was a deload week, but I did of course want to get a few sessions in. Visiting different gyms is fun to me, anyway. Next door, the hotel had a gym, Hotel Ivy, that I originally intended to use. I called and asked about a day pass.

“Yes sir, it is $40.”

“Wait,” I croaked, “Is that $40 per day or for the week I am here?”

“Per day, sir.”

“That’s the cost of two months for me back home. Good luck with that, buddy.”

I should’ve known with a fancy name like that! Next I called Anytime Fitness, but there was no answer.

Once again, I made an attempt. This time I called Snap Fitness. Two different locations, actually. No answer!

Snap Fitness was 4 blocks north of me, so I figured I would walk and see what was going on. Just in case, I wore workout gear and brought some water and my camera.

The gym was at the bottom floor of a skyscraper, which was cool. I rang the doorbell, and a girl happened to be going out as I was going in. I slid on in, wanting to talk to someone about a day pass. When I found out the gym was not staffed at that time, I did what any pump thirsty bro would do and got a lift in. Besides, those weights were not going to lift themselves.

My attached video below has footage from that session. Law, my form was bad back then, ha! Good times!

My reason for telling you this story is this: I have partnered with a business whose goal is to make acquiring day passes MUCH more convenient by having the paperwork and formalities already done! Not only that, the day passes will be discounted and gym amenities will be available for you to use.

Check out Fitness Compass LLC!

Usually, I don’t promote other brands, but my buddy Clayton came up with this great idea and I’m truly excited to be a part of it. I believe it will eliminate some future stress and heartache for some of you that travel and still stay fit.

Stay strong,


PS: Being a teacher, I have started recording some “courses” that I will be attaching in my weekly email exclusively for you and other club members. Stay tuned!

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