Blog Post #3- ‘Why I love fitness’

My fitness journey started at age 5 when I was introduced to the beautiful game of soccer. Some of my favorite memories still to this day are of me and my buddies playing youth soccer at Doe River Gorge in Hampton Tennessee. As my love grew for the sport, so did the time I invested in it. By the age of 11 I began traveling all over the south east region to play in tournaments.

During my time as a competitive soccer player I witnessed many phenomenal players of all different sizes, shapes, race, etc. It only took a couple of years for me to realize that the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” can be easily applied to soccer.

When my soccer career came to an end at age 17 due to a knee injury I quickly found the same kind of love and community in weightlifting/bodybuilding. Again, it didn’t take me very long to apply the same saying to weightlifting. There have been a few times my mind was completely blown at some feats I have seen people accomplish at all weights and sizes!

This brings me to the reason why I love fitness:


If there is one thing that I hold dear to my heart it’s being a part of someone’s fitness journey and seeing first hand all of their progress! One reason I love seeing people progress physically is because 99% of the time those positive physical changes also come with positive mental changes!

For anyone wanting to start OR restart your fitness journey but just aren’t sure how, please don’t hesitate to ask ANYONE on the Fitness Compass LLC team. We would be more than happy to help you anyway possible!

Clayton Hardin B.S, CPT Owner- Fitness Compass LLC

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