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Heal U, LLC is excited to be the only center in the Tri-Cities to offer Metabolic and body composition testing. These services are available with or without a nutrition consult. 

Not sure what Metabolic Testing is? 

Metabolic testing is a 15-20 minute procedure that measures within 98% accuracy how many calories your body truly needs per day. It does this by measuring how much food or fat is converted to energy in a day. From this equation we’re able to find out your true calorie intake.  A recent research study showed a significant amount of error when calculating calorie intake based on online formulas (such as Myfitness Pal).  No gimmicks. No fads.  Metabolic testing is the gold standard and is scientifically proven to help us create your personalized plan that works for you. Our metabolic assessments include upto a  30 minute consultation to review your results. 


 Body Composition Testing -


Did you know that hand held body composition machines are wildly inaccurate? The Inbody 570 is a highly accurate tool for what we call "giving context to your weight". Weight is simply a number on the scale the Inboyd breaks that number down into water weight, body fat mass, lean body mass, muscle mass and more! 


Want to run these tests at your gym? Reach out to discuss our "we bring the testing to you program" 

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