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About Danielle 

I started in the fitness industry in 2008 and haven't looked back! I have managed multiple gyms, owned my owned CrossFit Affiliate in Arkansas, and currently am the founder and owner of Danielle Marie Fitness. I hold multiple certifications to include personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, USAW Level 1, strongman, kickboxing and more. I have competed in 2 bodybuilding figure competitions, completed the Spartan Trifecta, and have competed in CrossFit for over 10 years with over 75 competitions under my belt. I have the experience you need in any area of fitness to help you reach your goals! I am so passionate about health and wellness and want to share this with you! I also have had a weight loss journey myself at one point weighing over 200#. I can relate and would love to help you !

I currently work at Victory Fit in Jonesborough TN as well as do online training services and nutrition coaching! Make sure to check me out!!

Pricing sheet for Danielle Marie Fitness 

All sessions include free 20 minute consult 


Personal Training 1 hour – 40$

Pay in Full 1 hour sessions 4 Sessions 1x a week training– 144$ (10% off)

Pay in Full 1 hour sessions 8 Sessions 2x a week – 272$ (15% off)

(Sessions expire after 30 days,, unless emergency or prior communication)


30 minutes – 25$

Pay in Full 30 Minute session 4 sessions – 90$ (10% off)

Pay in Full 30 minute sessions 8 sessions – 170$ (15% off)

(Sessions expire after 30 days,, unless emergency or prior communication)


Train with Friends Minimum of 2-3 people 4 Package Option Only (15$ per person per session 60$ for 4 30 Minute Sessions) (25$ per session per person 100$ each for 4 1 hour Sessions)

Small Group Personal Training for 5-8 members – 100$ for 8 sessions, 20$ Drop In

(Sessions expire after 30 days)


Nutrition Coaching 1 Month - 100$ Minimum 3 month commitment 

10$ Drop in for all group classes or specialty clinics for non members

1 Hour Session

(In Person/Zoom)

30 Minute Session

(In Person/Zoom)


Michelle Personal Training Client - 2015

Michelle Before and After.webp

Michelle Personal Training Client - 2015

OK, so I finally decided to really take control of my health last year. I had a pretty good diet and had already lost some weight, but I hardly ever exercised with purpose. I joined ‪#‎theroostcrossfit back in June and have loved every minute of it. Joining The Roost is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Every day, I feel a little better, healthier, stronger. I still have a lot of work to do, but just look at the difference 9 months has made. If I can do this, anyone can! The Roost coaches know how to work with you at your ability level, while still nudging you to work hard. And the other members are so supportive and encouraging, too. Special shout out to my personal trainer Danielle Hawkins – she really helped me to focus on some specific areas and to dial in my nutrition. With her help, I lost 5 pounds and 3 inches in the last month. Overall, I’m down 27 pounds since June 2015, and I’m no longer considered obese according to my BMI. ‪#‎winning

 Jennifer Olson

Jen Olson Before and After.webp

As embarrassing as this photo is...


This photo was taken in July...

 2020 has been a rough year. ..physically and mentally through migraines , meds, and finding out I am in menopause.  I decided to take back control of my life.. This is by far  the heaviest I have ever been. And the heaviest I ever want to be EVER again.. I started with Hormone therapy at Bentley Medical and thanks to another friend for leading down that path.


So one day..

I was Wing Deer Park and asked about a group of women who were working out and I started coming. I found myself getting stronger,  more energy,  and motivation from a group of women who have inspired to me to push myself more each time every time I come to boot camp.

One foot in front of the other..

One day at a time.

But I am very thankful for Marie Danielle..


Its amazing how being at the right place at the right time has led me to the start of believing in myself once again..

The journey back to being ME has started once again and I am on a mission..