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Jessi Tiner

Jessi Tiner of Johnson City TN

Jessi first found fitness as a stress relief from working as a nurse and eventually fell in love with it! She is a dog mom to Willow and Winter, her two mystery pups.

Jessi competed in NPC Nashville Night of Champions last month and WON FIRST PLACE IN CLASS E!!!

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Joseph Ralston

My name is Joseph Ralston, I am35 years old. I spent my childhood years as a star football player back in ohio. Until the age of thirteen. That's when I fell into drugs eventually leading me to being a full-blown heroin addict. From the age of 15 until 32 I was addicted to pain pills and shooting heroin but deep down in my soul there's always been a fire burning to be a men's physique competitor. That's truly what saved my life.. I've been in and out of gyms my whole life but only when I finally decided to get serious about did I finally break the chains of addiction once and for all. Present-day I am exactly what I set out to be. A men's physique competitor. Now the dream has changed from not only competing but also to become a ifbb pro very shortly.. I plan to achieve this goal with the amazing support I receive from my family and my coach doug from 4:13 Barbell Club.

Battle at the River 2021- True Novice 2nd Place & 3rd in Men's Physique!


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